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The Infrahyoid...How to express them.

"She's gonna blow!" "Pull Pull" (Original art, exaggerated for humor.)

There are a group of muscles we will explore today. The Infrahyoid muscles. These consist of 4 muscle that are directly on the anterior spine, below the hyoid bone (infra - below). This group depresses the hyoid bone, allowing for more air to rush through the mouth, which is helpful for singing, talking or playing certain instruments.

(Online Image)

Trigger points for this group would present trouble in swallowing, shortness of breath, neck pain, headaches, referred jaw and ear pain..

(Online Image, This represents anterior neck pain and its referral points)

This muscle group impacts many people, especially singers, and musicians of breath based instruments like trumpets and flutes and so on.

Support these muscles and your voice quality will improve, less strains and squawks, that can happen when these are tighter then need be. To support this area:

Ice therapy, if applied carefully is helpful in loosening the chronic tightness. (If unsure, have ice therapy done at your next treatment.)

Use that Motion. If you want to breath clearer or have less unidentifiable noises when you speak, let's reset those muscles so that you can continue to use the infrahyoid group to it's best potential. Example, have you ever tried to just move the hyoid bone? Think of lowering the back of you tongue as you do this the hyoid will lower. Remember to breath, you may get a little dizzy.

Keep it by stretching. Looking side to side, up and down

Monthly Massage Tune ups. To check if there are any other muscles tightening the Infrahyoids.

Watch your posture: Notice if you are holding your head in a odd position for long periods, or if you gap your mouth open when you sleep or in the day time..

Drink plenty of water.

Share this, Like this. Thank for reading! See you again next week.

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