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Strategic Therapeutics Massage Inc.

Created with a passion

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It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is

Victoria R. Hackworth

I established S.T.M. in 2014, as I decided I wanted to commit my life to helping people live their optimal life and share how their amazing body and all its cellular make-up, can operate in their favor.


How S.T.M. became real, Our Founder,



I, Victoria Hackworth graduated in 2013 from the Body Therapy Institute, one of the top five schools in the country for massage therapy. I, graduated with honors. I am currently the President and CEO of Strategic Therapeutics Massage Inc. a Durham-based business, which offers a wide array of advanced techniques and treatments of therapeutic bodywork to support each client as thoughtfully as possible. I am eager to serve and to listen to the concerns of my client’s. One of my favorite talents, is to learn helpful skill sets to better improve the way that I can do things to support others, to be able to give them as much benefit as possible.

In May, 2018 I completed the Body Therapy Institute's Massage Teacher Certificate Program and in 2019 completed the next level of the Spirit of Learning, which is called Somatic Education Leadership. I continue to incorporate what I learned into my lifestyle and career. Ongoing education includes the pursuit of a BS/MS degree in Holistic Sports Nutrition, and a Master teaching certificate in Advanced Neural Reset Therapy. My long-term goals are to study elite studies about the brain, so that I can support optimal functions, habits and to alleviate damage created from brain trauma.


The 360-degree body is a series of different, but synergistic systems that are constantly working together to maintain the body's equilibrium. I specialize on the support and optimization of the muscular system and how supporting this part with a skillful hand can positively impact all of the other systems of the body.

It is important to find the root cause, rather, than just lessen the symptoms.

As well, as it is crucial to be responsible and respectable to all the corresponding layers that have to be engaged when just one specific layer is in focus.


My Why

In my youth, my mother one day began experiencing excruciating pain. Pain that took her breath away with every step, it took away her appetite and made sleep impossible. Most doctors said it was incurable except with the use of long-term medications or surgery. It made my heart ache the day I saw my mother’s eyes fade; the gleam of her vivacious and outgoing nature, was fading as she realized she couldn’t be who she once was. A trusted MD and sweet friend, recommended massage therapy to us. We hadn’t known how it could help, but we wanted something alternative. I drove my mother to her appointment and walked her in. Going in, her pain was 15 out of 10, and she was on several medications for pain. An hour and a half later, she walked to the car herself and her pain was a 4 out of 10, and she was able to get off of all her pain medications. Her hope came back to her spirit! I decided at that moment, that I needed to dedicate my life to this field to support those who are looking for an alternative and preventative care to be a new version of themselves.

I didn’t realize it at the time, however, I graduated from the same school that the therapist who worked on my mother had gone to. As soon as I met their minimal age requirement, I sent in my request form to be interviewed for enrollment. I graduated high school early to attend Body Therapy Institute’s next diploma program, I graduated with honors on Oct 30th, 2013.


I have set out to be something different. To be eager to listen, to educate the public and to always be eager to learn for the sake of my clients benefit.


My mission is to be the best strategically integrated clinical bodyworker in the world. I strive to meet the concerns of the people I have the privilege to serve.

"Why" Statement
Victoria's Focus
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