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Strategic Therapeutics Massage Inc.

Created with a passion

How S.T.M. became real, Our Founder,


Victoria Rose Hackworth graduated in 2013 from the Body Therapy Institute, one of the top five schools in the country for massage therapy. Rose graduated with honors, showing her commitment to her field. She is the President and CEO of Strategic Therapeutics Massage Inc. a Durham-based business, which offers advanced techniques and treatments of therapeutic bodywork. Advanced Medical Massage, Advanced Neural Reset Therapy, Motor Point Stimulation Therapy and Oncology Massage techniques are some of the therapeutic touches Strategic Therapeutics Massage offers. In May, 2018 Rose completed the Body Therapy Institute's Massage Teacher Certificate Program and in 2019 completed the next level of the Spirit of Learning, which is called Somatic Education Leadership. She continues to incorporate what she learned into her lifestyle and career. Ongoing education includes the pursuit of a BS/MS degree in Holistic Sports Nutrition, a Master teaching certificate in Advanced Neural Reset Therapy.

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"I am very excited about what I have learned in the Somatic Education Leadership class! .... I will continue practicing self-care, I always want my clients to feel their best, so I need to feel the same way toward myself." I, Victoria, am practicing kindness

Our Focus as a company, as a community


      Massage therapy is my calling. I love the challenge to find the reason for my client's pain, rather then just lessening their pain. My focus is on utilizing different modalities and treatments to make each treatment outcome as efficient as possible.

      I seeks to inspire hope into people with chronic pain, illness and mobility issues.

      Your muscles can be the best they can be, as long as you are willing to work toward your goal with me.

      We will work together toward your goals. In your treatment sessions we will unlock, re-conduct and relax your muscles as much as your body allows in the time you have chosen. And then at home as you gradually incorporate new body postures you will begin to maintain your results.


Healthy Expectations, from Victoria

      I wish more than anything that I had to ability to help relieve all of your pain, tension and mobility issues in one session, but sadly I do not.

      In the massage world, the main reason for massage is to cause the body to rest, reduce stress and tune the system to retain relaxation for longer and longer periods of time. This residual relaxation is a cumulative benefit of massage. Sometimes the process can be achieved quickly and other times it happens at a slower pace. This depends on the client's current level of relaxation/stress in their life.

      Your residual relaxation benefits will last longer after your session if you incorporate the stretches I recommend, do regular exercise, eat nutritious foods and maintain hydration.


Healthy Expectations -

You may not notice or feel change in the first - forth sessions. Give your system time to acknowledge the changes and re-pattern itself.

An injury or pain that is 15 - 50 years old, needs more time to respond to the massage techniques.

You may notice soreness. That is the body's way to say "Things are changing".

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