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The suprahyoids .... Keep it down.

February 15, 2019

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some new arrivals with you today.

On our website we now have a:

"Why STM" page, which shows a comparative between other spas and STM's, Affordability and Savings. .

"Our Focus" page, which is a newer version to present the founder, our wor...



As a part of S.T.M. Inc. we aspire to support your health as a whole, so that you can to be in your most optimal condition, lifestyle and quality of life. Massage, taking care of the muscular system is on...

There are several ways to feel relaxed and to rejuvenate the body through massage therapy at S.T.M. Inc.

60 minutes of massage - $70

(Other lengths are available)

15 minutes of Motor Point Stimulation Therapy (many clients remark how they feel so relaxed, as if they had...

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share an article I read today. The article will be written out below and the reference will be at the bottom, if you would like to visit the website where it is originally posted. Loving Kindness - My internal super power!