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The suprahyoids .... Keep it down.

February 15, 2019

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some new arrivals with you today.

On our website we now have a:

"Why STM" page, which shows a comparative between other spas and STM's, Affordability and Savings. .

"Our Focus" page, which is a newer version to present the founder, our wor...



As a part of S.T.M. Inc. we aspire to support your health as a whole, so that you can to be in your most optimal condition, lifestyle and quality of life. Massage, taking care of the muscular system is on...

There are several ways to feel relaxed and to rejuvenate the body through massage therapy at S.T.M. Inc.

60 minutes of massage - $70

(Other lengths are available)

15 minutes of Motor Point Stimulation Therapy (many clients remark how they feel so relaxed, as if they had...

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share an article I read today. The article will be written out below and the reference will be at the bottom, if you would like to visit the website where it is originally posted. Loving Kindness - My internal super power!


(This picture is exaggerated to include humor.)

I don't think that hot sauce impacts the muscles quite that quickly, but, this is the illustration that came to my mind. Pretty funny. Those are the expressions I make when my husband puts hot sauce on his eggs. I like hot...

"She's gonna blow!" "Pull Pull" (Original art, exaggerated for humor.)

There are a group of muscles we will explore today. The Infrahyoid muscles. These consist of 4 muscle that are directly on the anterior spine, below the hyoid bone (infra - below). This group depress...

(Home-made art work that is exaggerated to incorporate humor)

Here we can see the S.C.M. at work . In it's not abbreviated form it goes by the name of Sternocleidomastoid. Though it is such a long word, it is quite helpful if you are stuck in an anatomy trivia jam, beca...

Ice therapy has been used for many centuries in aiding the reduction of inflammation brought on my injuries; cuts, burns, strains and broken bones. In the muscle department, Ice is my go to when my ease of motion isn't its peak. In the following I'll mention a website...

Today from the muscle's perspective we will see the Trapezius and the ways it combats life as we know it. There are helpful ways to support the Trapezius and make repetitive motion less of an issue.

 (This home made artwork is exaggerated to accommodate for humor)

The Tr...

The body is amazing and has a lot going on, so let's learn from the muscles perspective with some homemade artwork.

(Cartoon representative of the scalenes, place ment is skewed to allow for humor)

These are the scalenes, their main focus is to let us see side to side, t...

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