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2017 Reviews
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Timothy Aull

June 27th, 2017

Rose does a great job at explaining everything wonderfully. She tailors every massage exactly to my needs and how I feel. She makes every effort to ensure my comfort, and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the massages that I have gotten from her. I would certainly recommend Rose to my family or friends.

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Victoria McQuade

Aug. 28th, 2017

Rose is amazing! She tailors each session to your needs and can explain what she is doing and why it will help you. She's very professional and is very very good at what she does. I absolutely recommend her!

2018 Reviews


July 7th, 2018

I was involved in an accident where I was hit from behind.  This left a tender trouble spot in my right shoulder.  Rose worked with this area with several pain therapy methods which were very successful.  Her notes from our sessions were so well documented they were accepted by the insurance company as medical treatment cost. Thanks Rose


July 7th, 2018

Recently my mother and I went to Rose Hackworth to receive massage therapy and we had such a positive experience! We both left our sessions with much less back pain than we came in with. Rose was professional from the moment we walked in, offering us tea or water and making us feel welcome and comfortable. She took me back first into her therapy room which was clean and orderly with calming music playing softly in the background. She explained her protocol thoroughly and graciously allowed for all my questions and explanations of my pain! The massage itself was wonderful and nearly put me to sleep! Rose is very knowledgeable on her technique and explains what she is doing and why. Her massage was gentle but firm enough to work through muscle tension, and the heat she applied greatly helped in relaxing my muscles. I happened to also have a pain in my knee which she worked on and I was able to leave without limping! My mother had a similar experience and talked about how good she felt after the massage for days! We plan to visit her home office again soon!

Tonya Smith

July 11th, 2018

Rose is a committed, knowledgeable professional, who holds herself and her practice to high standards. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and that my needs were met. It was a wonderfully relaxing experience; I left my session feeling totally at peace with myself and the world, and that my muscles had received the attention and treatment I desired. I loved the essential oils and relaxing music that relaxingly, but unobtrusively permeated the environment, heightening the sensation of relaxation and release. The massage bed was my absolute favorite- it was so “yummy” that I wanted to buy one for myself to rest on at home...! Lol It is evident that Rose takes great care, pride, and attention to providing the highest quality service to her clients, and to addressing their particular needs. Each session was customized according to my preferences. I definitely endorse her services...! :)

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Cindy B.

December 27th, 2018

Rose is a truly gifted in therapeutic massage therapy. I have had many massages and none even come close to the results, which lasted, that I received from my treatments from Rose. I highly recommend her services and trust her intuition.



December 5th, 2018

I went to Rose with a severe pain in my back that shot down my left leg and into my foot. I had tingling and numbness in the leg and foot in addition to the pain in the back. Over the course of several sessions, Rose was able to relieve the pain and bring feeling back to my foot. She was always punctual and did a great job explaining what she was going to do that session and how that related to the overall issue that we were trying to address. The massage room is very clean and well-maintained which is a good indicator of the level of care and professionalism that Rose carries over to all areas of her practice. She also has a very good bedside manner and bright personality. She is obviously passionate about her profession and her clients and puts you at ease immediately. I will certainly be returning in the future--even though I have no more pain!



September 17th, 2018

I greatly enjoyed my session with Rose. She is a skilled professional, offering an impressive array of techniques and modalities. I felt far more relaxed within minutes of beginning. I left feeling calm and refreshed. Would recommend Rose to anyone!

Jill Sheets

July 2nd, 2018

I have been fortunate to enjoy several visits in the past few years with Rose at STM and have had an amazing experience each time! Rose is constantly incorporating new techniques and cutting edge technology into her practice and her expansive offerings have helped in many ways from trigger point resolution and relaxation to burn treatment and wellness expertise. My favorite are the new scents and hot stones. I have recommended her practice on several occasions and appreciate her all-encompassing perspective on wellness. Would recommend Rose enthusiastically!

Toni Shaw, LMBT

July 2nd, 2018

The space is very relaxing & conducive to a relaxing massage session.  Rose is professional & explains the entire process.  I very much enjoyed my session!  My favorite part was the MPS devices used on either side of my back.  They took care of the pain I had there, no matter how slight it was.

Kim Gregory

July 3rd, 2018

I have been going to Rose for massages as often as I can for a few years now. The environment is very relaxing and tranquil. Rose has a wide variety of options of oils and techniques to offer. The only problem is I am so relaxed by the time she is finished that I don’t want to get up! She is very professional and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend her services.

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December 28th, 2018

I have been going to Rose at STM for therapeutic massage for 4 years. She is first rate in quality and service. Before experiencing therapeutic massage for severe pain (which was suggested to me by an MD), I had no idea of the wide range of benefits this type of massage could deliver. Rose's skills and caring manner have helped me so much and keep my muscles in good shape. The level of relaxation that her work achieves alongside the therapeutic work is really amazing and beneficial. I highly commend STM to anyone looking for a great massage experience in a beautiful cottage office.

2019 Reviews
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Melissa N.

March, 2019

I have been seeing Rose for a couple of years now regularly. She is always punctual and professional. She does a great job and takes a real interest in her clients!

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April, 2019

I felt welcome and the experience was great.


Josh M

January, 2019

Firm pressure but not too hard. Was focused on overall well-being not just finding knots.

Hammock Relaxing

John R.

February, 2019

1st time having Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy. Seemed a bit weird at first, but did seem to help relax muscles & ease pain.

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Tommy S.

April, 2019

Very comprehensive examination and discussion of what was going to happen. Especially liked the assessment at the end.

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Mia S.

February, 2019

I truly enjoyed my massage. My only concern is that the original price is too high in comparison to my regular massage therapist. Therefore, I can only book on special occasions. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Jan D.

January, 2019

In general, I am not a person who likes to be touched. I am not a hugger or the type of female who puts her arm around people. I tend to shudder at the thought of getting a massage. But, Rose was very professional and I did not feel the need to shudder or feel awkward in any way. Rose has a great work space that is not overly scented but perfect, with very soothing music, a good temperature and very clean. Rose explains well, what she is doing throughout the process of the massage. The extreme tension in my neck and shoulders was greatly relieved and her suggestions for continued relief have been very useful. I have an almost impossible schedule but Rose was flexible and punctual with the appointment. I will definitely return to visit Rose's Durham Cottage location.

Hammock Relaxing

John R.

May, 2019

I have had more than 5 sessions.

What has been your favorite moments? When I noticed I could bend & stretch with ease in ways that I could not before.

What impressed you? How well Victoria separated & loosened each individual muscle.

What is better then before? The being able to bend & stretch my legs is easier. I could not sit Indian style & now I can.

Is the therapist someone you like working with, do they care about you and your progress? Yes she seems very genuine in her desire to help. She has even shown me charts or diagrams on how the sessions have helped my progress. Definitely recommend.

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