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S.T.M. at the day spa

The Cottage

Welcome to the Day spa

Thank you for being here and looking for wellness and health.

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COVID Protocols


Cleaning measures have always been in place, even before COVID-19. Following are the standard list of session by session protocols:

  • Ozone/ Ionizer and HEPA air purified circulation

  • All contact areas sanitized and wiped down

  • New linens

  • Sanitation unit provided

Treatment Preview




To schedule your first or next appointment submit a Reservation Request, click the button below.

Prior to scheduling your first appointment, you will be sent a secure, online intake form.
Allow for 5 - 15 minutes to complete. Answer, honestly and with as much detail as possible.

Included in your intake form is:
Health history, Consent, S.T.M. Inc.'s Policy Statement and Treatment Expectations.

Once you have submitted your Intake form, contact me and we will schedule your first appointment.

For proper form reviewing and clarifying of questions on your intake form, it may take 1-2 weeks at most, so I can have time to formulate the treatment plan, study and make ample preparation for your appointment.

Chapel Hill, Durations available

30 minutes ..... $60 (Clothed treatment)

60 minutes ..... $110

90 minutes ..... $140

120 minutes .... $250

Each appointment sets time for:

Assessment, Bodywork, and Education. 


Upon your arrival, you will drive onto a parking lot passed a Hardy's, and in front of a Courtney's Day Care and to the right you will see the Day Spa. A single door to a hidden modern day Narnia.

  • Please park in the parking lot near the Day Spa. 


Once you are parked, proceed to walk through the main outside door and I will meet you at the white middle door and welcome you in.

I will direct you to where the restroom is as we make our way to the treatment room.

  • Walk to the white door, where I will welcome you and give you a tour of the lovely Spa.


After we have decided on our treatment plan (goals) for that session. I will step out so that you can undress to your comfort level for your session, as per your treatment plan.

The bathroom can be accessed at any time, preferably before or after the session.

In your session, my goal is to give you a place to restore your senses and support your optimal muscular conditions.


So, as it is your session, if you love to talk, I love to listen. If you have questions about what I'm doing, don't hesitate to ask, for I love to educate. And if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable, please let me know what that is.

  • I want to create a space that eases your senses and provides support and comfort.

  • If you love to talk, I love to listen. If you love to learn, please ask questions.

  • Or notice a modification would make you more comfortable, do not hesitate to tell me.

Therapy conclusion

When your treatment time has come to an end. I will tap my singing bowl to ease you back into consciousness.  I will let you know that our treatment time is complete and that once you re-dress, please open the door for me and I will enter the room, so that we can talk about how you are feeling. 
Upon my re-entering we will reconnect with the goals we set, your feelings about the treatment and then go over my observations, stretches that I recommend and steps moving forward.


Current available payment types are:
Cash and Checks
(STM doesn't carry change)

I do accept credit cards of all types (5% convenience fee per transaction of credit card use)
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, debit, HSA and FSA.

Healthy Expectations

Your muscles can be the best they can be, as long as you are willing to work toward your goal with me.

We will work together toward your goals. In your appointments we will unlock, re-conduct and loosen your muscles as much as your body allows in the time you have chosen. And then at home as you gradually incorporate new body postures, stretches and exercises, Home Therapies as I like to call them, you will begin to maintain your results.

This residual calming is a cumulative benefit of the combination of massage and enhanced by your consistent home therapies. Sometimes the process can be achieved quickly and other times it happens at a slower pace. This depends on the client's current level of relaxation/stress in their life.

Your residual calming benefits will last longer after your session if you incorporate the stretches I recommend, perform regular exercise, eat nutritious foods and maintain hydration.

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