Rev. 1/07/20

S.T.M Policy Statement

          Thank you for choosing Strategic Therapeutics Massage as your body therapy provider. This practice is dedicated to treating each client with courteous, professional, caring and first class service. This document explains our responsibilities and those of our clients in order to provide the best service possible.


          At this practice you will receive body therapy by a NC Licensed Bodywork Massage Therapist. Your *LMBT is trained in a range of body therapies and will discuss your areas of concern and then develop a treatment plan specific to your situation. This treatment may include Medical massage, Neural Reset Therapy, Motor point Stimulation Therapy, Oncology massage or Hydrotherapy. Overall relaxation will be enhanced by our tranquil inviting therapy rooms and soothing music. Any oils and creams used will be hypoallergenic and natural products. The setting will be fragrance free unless aromatherapy is added to the treatment.



Service offered


           LMBT* services are very effective in promoting relaxation for people who are stressed and people who suffer from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,Tendinitis, back pain, muscle aches and chronic spasms, frozen shoulder, headaches and stress induced by conditions such as depression and anxiety.



          This practice is open:


Monday - Saturday

(Works on most holidays, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas)





          Standard session length:

60 minute sessions (50 minutes of massage)                                                        

70 minute sessions (60 minutes of massage)                                                

90 minute sessions (80 minutes of massage)

120 minute sessions (110 minutes of massage)  



Illness Protocol

          If you are feeling under the weather or have a fever. Please reschedule your appointment for a later time. When you have recovered from your illness, wait a minimum of 7 more days before scheduling your next session.




          Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your session if you are a new client or if your Health History form needs some changes. Otherwise arrive five minutes early.   If you arrive late for your session, no time will be added, but we will do all we can for you in the time remaining and you will be charged for the full session.  



          Cancellations policy:

          You will not be charged if you give notification of cancellation at least 24 hours before the session. You will also not be charged in the case of a dire emergency.


          Missed appointments without notice:

          Everyone can sometimes forget an appointment so you will not be charged for the first missed appointment, however payment will be required in advance in order to schedule any further appointments. After the first missed appointment, other missed appointments will be paid for by the full price.


          Short notice Cancellations:

          Same day cancellations, with notice will be charged at half of the sessions price.




          Your payment is due at the end of your session. Acceptable methods of payment are cash or personal check.

          $35 fee for returned checks and expected to pay cash in future appointments.  Credit card is applicable at the Chapel Hill Studio.


Privacy Policy


          This practice takes your privacy very seriously and will hold all your information at confidential. It will not be released to any other party without your written consent unless mandated by law.



Thank you for your kindness,

you respect and your time.

Preparation for your appointment, you will be sent an online Health History/consent form to fill and submit at least one day prior to your appointment.

SEBTS Exclusive:

15 minute sessions (10 minutes of treatment)

30 minute sessions (20 minutes of treatment)

60 minute sessions (50 minutes of treatment)


Healthy Expectations

One of the primary goals of any massage therapy is to produce substantial relaxation. If relaxation is the only change a client's body is able to receive on the day of the session at S.T.M., then that alone constitutes a successful session.


While I always strive to promote deep relaxation AND accomplish individual goals to the extent possible, with the allotted time using specialized techniques, there are many factors that determine how much can be accomplished on specific goals in a single session – especially a first session for a particular concern.


The following 4 factors are the biggest variables regarding effectiveness in clinical massage therapy:


1.      The complexity of the muscular issue.

2.      The underlying cause of the muscular issue.

3.      Length of time the issue has persisted and

4.      A positive attitude towards the tool of massage therapy to bring actual relief.


With some people results are dramatic and in one session some or all of their concerns are completely alleviated, and I see this happen on a regular basis. In most people though, the first session serves to promote relaxation which then allows me to determine what issues exist and offer a realistic treatment plan. The number of sessions recommended will be based on this initial evaluation.  The working of this plan will begin in the first session and as much as possible will be accomplished within the time allotted. (Please be aware that most of the time a fair evaluation as to the effectiveness of massage therapy for your particular issue requires at least 2 sessions.)


Because general massage focuses so heavily on the relaxation element offered by massage, some people expect that all massage is the same and produces only relaxation or instant results no matter the problem being addressed. However, this is not the case. Clinical massage actually frees up fascia and muscles that may have been tight or bound for a long time in complex ways. Therefore, most people experience recovery in stages after they undergo clinical massage as follows:


            Stage 1 –  they feel better right after their massage 

            Stage 2 –  they feel soreness for a day or two OR, though it is rare, some people actually feel worse during this stage of recovery. It is important not to stop therapy at this stage, but to realize that the body needs time to regroup.

            Stage 3 -   the issue starts to resolve or resolves completely.


Because clinical massage is like giving the muscles an intense workout, how your body adapts afterward can be similar to the way you feel after exercise, especially when you are first getting back into an exercise routine.


So, what does successful clinical massage feel like – it depends – but in general, success is when you make one step forward into healthy relaxation on the path to future sessions to correct underlying muscular issues.


Massage therapy is shown to have the potential to alleviate many muscular concerns such as tightness, pulling, lack of range of motion and pain, etc. Your first session is your first step in potentially achieving deep relief.


Massage is a great tool, but, it cannot solve all muscular issues. Having massage is a successful step toward feeling better even if you find out that it can only solve part of your issue or even none of your particular issue, because at least you know you have given a natural method an honest try.