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Why Choose S.T.M.  for your Clinical Massage Therapy Services?

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How to utilize Strategic Therapeutics Massage

Let's Begin!
First-Time Visits
     Welcome and good day, Sir or Madame, it is a joy to speak with you!     
    For our first visit, I would recommend we have an 120 minute Consultation, as that will give you and I plenty of time to review your goals, any specific preferences for the day and to create our treatment plan.

    However, if 120 minutes is too long to tack down in your busy schedule, worry not, let us consider a 90 minute Consultation instead.

     My treatments are clinically focused and are aimed through the most time efficient and methodical plans toward activating your accumulative longevity.

In the heart of my work, it is a delight to impart the knowledge I have gleaned over my years, and my continuous years of study.
    Through our treatments together I hope to:

     1. Show you simple Home Therapies that can support your energy, health and muscular related pain/ tension.
     2. Utilize advanced skills to hold space and positively reinforce your ability to achieve your current and long term goals.
     3. Always provide a safe, comfortable,
and enjoyable environment to ask questions and to learn new things.

S.T.M.'s Treatment Goals:
     In our appointments together, we both will be working toward the goals set.
    Together during your treatments we will create a set of Home Therapies you should use to support your body to achieve accumulative progress between our appointments. This will allow us to surpass more achievements and support with the ease of each successive treatment.
    As you succeed and gain endurance, we will periodically test your systems habit retention and then decide our next course of action based on what will give you optimal results.

So that we have a visual to explain these words better, the following is what Goal Graduation looks like:


First appointment recommendations

120 minute consultation, which includes the following:

15 minutes of introductions, assessments, and goal specifying.

85 minutes of bodywork.

20 minutes of post treatment assessments, home therapy/ education and questions.

90 minute consultation, which includes the following:

15 minutes of introductions, assessments, and goal specifying.

55 minutes of bodywork.

20 minutes of post treatment assessments, home therapy/ education and questions.

The consultation and standard appointment price are the same amount.

To contact Mrs. Victoria, your Clinical Bodyworker, to schedule your first appointment.
Please send an email to:
Goal Graduations

Example of a treatment Goal:

Improve mobility in right hip and reduce pain in lower back.

3, 90 min. sessions on a weekly basis

Goal: Synchronicity of the musculofascial system.

     Test the endurance of the previous weekly retained habit, by setting the next appointment out by 2 weeks.

If the progress was kept, we could then improve to:

3, 90 min. sessions every 2 weeks.

Goal: Integrative Lymphatic cleanse and enhance fascial posturing. 

     Test the endurance of the previous every 2 week retained habit, by setting the next appointment out by 1 month.

In this continued progress, taper to monthly, every 2 months, quarterly, every 6 months.

Quarterly and every 6 month treatments are recommended to  promote simplicity of fine tuning small issues, so they do not becoming large issues.

Set of 3, 1 a week

Week 1    Week 2     Week 3

90 min.     90 min.     90 min.

Set of 3, every other week

Week 1     Week 3

90 min      90 min

Set of 6, 1 a month

Month 1 - 6

90 min.

Set of 3, 1 every 2 months

Month 1 -3

90 min.

Set of 3, 1 quarterly

Visual Plan
after consultation

Example Calendar

W1  W2  W3  W4













Duration available

90 minutes ..... $140

(15 min. assessments, 55 min. bodywork, 20 min. post assessments.)

120 minute appointments ($200) are available for first consultations and quarterly fine tuning.

Intertwined Bodywork

     In our appointments we will use an arrangement of unique techniques that we found beneficial from prior sessions. What we use, and how we proceed with it changes from session to session as your system also has changed since we last worked.
    I have honed my skills through reading the fascia through palpation, which helps me decipher how much pressure your system can currently handle and still loosen. The pressure used in our treatments may start light at first, and then gradually deepen as your tissues open. 
    Reading the fascia is also useful for finding inertial patterns, which you can think of like a backwards treasure map that lists the most current to the most historical habits your body has made to keep equilibrium, even in the state injury, trauma or inactivity.
    My c
linical bodywork strategically works through and releases the inertial patterns, supporting to body's ability to let go of bad or ineffective habits and begin good-habit retention that can serve your lifestyle better. 

Advanced Clinical Bodywork Integrated Specialties
Medical massage,
Manual Lymphatic Drainage,
Neural Reset Therapy,
Motor Point Stimulation,
Scar Release Therapy,
Fascial Re-conduction,

Specific populations
Oncology massage,
enatal massage.

I want to honor you through our work together

     I consider my knowledge, and my ability to continually learn, to be a prominent service I provide for my clients. To continue that dedication I actively take cutting-edge classes through-out the year to learn for the sake of bettering my client's treatment outcomes.
I average about 12
0 hours of CEU seminars per year, not including my homework.
     The  topics I study are specific to goals of my clients, specific illnesses they carry with them and questions they have asked me. I know very well that I am not omniscient, but I cherish the opportunity to be able to learn a little more daily.

To keep my Bodywork license NC LMBT #13635 current, I am required to take 24 hours of CEU every two years.
S.T.M. values quality time.
The time that's been reserved, is time for you to:
Actively engage in your restoration
Feel mor
e whole
Learn more about independent longevity therapies
Your Success is my Passion

     As we move through our mindful appointments, improvements usually show themselves in small ways that aren't as easily notable. One of the reasons for this is initially the change has to take place on the cellular level, like building blocks. If it re-routes and starts somewhere else, the results to not stick.
    Moving forward with this perspective, I venerate keeping thorough medical documentation from each appointment we have, s
o we have the opportunity to look back and marvel over the wonderment of the progress made over time.

    An entertaining example of a progress report I had written for a client several years ago.

    Summary of the progress report

"Through setting our treatment plan to incorporate medical massage, neural reset therapy and fascial reconductive advance techniques to complement the focus of benefiting our initial goals of improving the shoulders, neck and back, which had active and passive pain and ROM (range of motion) hindrances less than the average parameters of movement.
    After our 12 appointments, my client was able to easily move through the average ROM in each area without pain, and felt more confidence in their individual home therapies to continue their progress independently, as well as enjoying the accumulative effects of standing straighter, and being able to breath fully.

     We were able to achieve all of this before the cows came home!"

The back story

     In our last appointment, the 12th, we were concluding the treatment at their feet. The atmosphere was tranquil, serene and filled with subtle notes of their favorite essential oil, lavender.

     Suddenly, a loud, somewhat authentic, with a distinctive tonal inflection of a "Moo!" enters the room from somewhere in the direction of their belongings.


     There was a long pause, until I found my calm, peaceful voice and said

"Did you hear that "moo", just then?"

"Oh... The cows are coming home. I was playing Farmville earlier and I forgot to silence my phone." replied my client.

     My client and I had a nice long laugh about that, for several years.

S.T.M.'s Growth records:
Remember your accomplishments, by requesting your Progress Report, which is the previous group of 12 appointments.

A Progress Report is useful to you, by:
1. Reminding you of how you used to feel regularly, and how far you have come!
2. Giving living definition to your Home Therapies and their usefulness.

In addition, the Progress Report
is written meticulously, clear-cut and focused on providing the most profitable treatment plan while in a time efficient and labor-saving way of getting to the root of the issue.
It is possible
that your insurance agency and/ or HSA will accept and reimburse you for your treatments, if you consider to present your form to them.

This is quality work.
"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when, it's in your power to help them." Prov. 3:27
It is hard to find a therapist with absolute dedication and commitment to the ongoing study of advanced body therapy techniques...
Its hard to find a therapist who gives quality attention to each individual's treatment plan --- to smoothly integrate all their skills into each session. This results in maximum custom benefits.
It is rare to find a therapist who wants to build and maintain a professional camaraderie with each client, session by session...
Confidentiality.. Quality.. Camaraderie.. Relief..
That's what you will find at STM.
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