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Why Choose S.T.M.  for your Holistic Massage Therapy Services?


At the Root of S.T.M.

S.T.M. offers Holistic Medical Massage Therapy.

Each treatment is custom crafted by Victoria along with utilizing the client’s input to create a comprehensive plan that supports the specific goals of the client toward bringing their body into balance for the best recovery success, and ongoing maintenance success.

The most important goal of S.T.M. is to provide the highest quality service.

Even though it is rare to find a therapist with absolute dedication and commitment to the ongoing study of advanced body therapy techniques… That is what you will find at S.T.M.

Even though it is difficult to find a therapist who gives quality attention to each individual's treatment plan and to smoothly integrate all their skills into each session… That is the service offered at S.T.M.

Even though it is unique to find a therapist who wants to build and maintain a professional camaraderie with each client, session by session… You will find this camaraderie at S.T.M.


Confidentiality.. Quality.. Camaraderie.. Relief..

That's what you will find at S.T.M.




S.T.M. distinguishes itself by providing:

  • Thorough intake evaluations 

  • Personalized treatment plans

  • Education including pertinent information during sessions

  • New therapeutic specialties yearly for the continued benefit of clients.

To optimize your success, each appointment is prepared in advance.


Your success is our Passion!

During our treatments we will help you to build an in-home  Home-Therapy-Foundation (H-T-F) series that will complement your  personal treatment plan. 

This series, built over time, will help in each of the following areas: 

  • Anatomy and Physiology;

  • Synergistic layers;

  • How to support your system and its optimal recovery;

  • Creating an environment for a thriving system; and

  • Refining your Longevity Repertoire.

Your consistent H-T-F practice will promote your long-term pain reduction, stress deflection and mobility proficiency.


S.T.M. offers two main plans:

         The Longevity Repertoire Plan & The Accelerated Progression Plan

The Longevity Repertoire Plan – 

This plan addresses immediate needs and then charts a long-term maintenance program that supports keeping the whole body in equilibrium.

This focus will provide innovative strategies to help clients attain their goals and then maintain the results through all seasons of life.

The Accelerated Progression Plan – 

This plan charts a short-term, condensed collection of the important fundamentals to aid those who are moving away and want to begin working on their goals while they are in a time of transition.


Treatment Recommendations

In order to decide on the best initial treatment plan we suggest that clients schedule a 30-minute Assessment. This will reveal key objectives to address first, the client’s  current tissue’s needs and postural indicators of tension.

After our Assessment, we will converse on how to reach the goals you want to achieve and the appointments needed to carry out the plan to reach your goals.


Advanced Holistic Bodywork Integrated Specialties
Medical massage,
Manual Lymphatic Drainage,
Neural Reset Therapy,
Motor Point Stimulation,
Scar Release Therapy,
Fascial Re-conduction,

Quantum Alignment Technique

Specific populations
Oncology massage,
enatal massage.

First appointment recommendations

30-minute Assessment & Consultation, which includes the following:


Postural assessments

Bodywork assessments

Treatment Plan Summary

Our Treatment Plan will be fully furnished after Victoria has reviewed your intake form and we have distinguished your goals.

Optimal Treatment Plan Layout

For the best gradual improvements that are gleaned from the treatment and the H-T-F strategies; it is optimal to begin with frequent weekly treatments for a time, then work in a taper.

As the body shows that it is retaining the habits we are refining, the taper will increase to enhance the system's adaptive excellence qualities.

Depending on the stress load or activity level of the individual on a regular basis, it is wise to schedule a consistent Tune-Up treatment (which could be: weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, tri-monthly, quarterly appointments) for fine tuning small issues, so they do not becoming large issues.

Visual Plan
after consultation
Set of 3, 1 a week

Week 1    Week 2     Week 3

90 min.     90 min.     90 min.

Set of 3, 1 a week

Week 1    Week 2     Week 3

90 min.     90 min.     90 min.

Set of 3, every other week

Week 1     Week 3

90 min      90 min

Set of 3, every other week

Week 1     Week 3

90 min      90 min

Set of 6, 1 a month

Month 1 - 6

90 min.

Set of 3, 1 every 2 months

Month 1 -3

90 min.

Set of 3, 1 tri-monthly

Set of 3, 1 quarterly

Example Calendar

W1  W2  W3  W4













Chapel Hill Location
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S.T.M.'s Growth records:
If you would like to request a Progress Report, either for your records or to share with your other Health professionals. 


If your would like to request a Treatment Summary Statement.

(Our appointments can be documented as reimbursable by HSA.)

This is quality work.
"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when, it's in your power to help them." Prov. 3:27
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