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Mission Statement

Strategic Therapeutics Massage Inc.

To deliver superlative service to my clients:

  1. I have expanded and will continue to expand my experience through deepening my knowledge of the latest techniques by pursuing continuing education certifications. 

  2. I will work to create a bond with each of my clients, in order to give them a more personalized therapeutic session.

  3. I will strive to maintain a safe, clean, comfortable and refreshing environment, so that my clientele will always have a relaxing  and inviting space to look forward to.



My Vision

I envision a world where each person knows and respects their bodies, through diet, fitness and somatic awareness. By doing this they create a lack of dependency on costly preventable surgeries and long-term medication that can poison us later in life. Creating responsibility of self to maintain and restore wellness throughout their system, therefore, throughout their lifetime.



My Mission

To acknowledge the 360-degree body and give helpful advice and direction to my clients so that they may know their bodies for the sake of improving their health, happiness and longevity.



My Declaration

I am committed to serving my clients through study and application, for the sake of my client’s well-being and perseverance.

This practice thrives on positive thinking, happiness, kindness, authenticity, courtesy, honesty and generosity.

As S.T.M. was created as a way I could support people around me to become their best, by helping them feel their best




     My lens of business is toward the future. When I say this, I don’t mean it as, I plan to see you forever. On the contrary, through my treatments I eagerly hope to teach you the principles of how to live life to its fullest through simple habits for your body to support you for the rest of you days.

It is always a pleasure to work with you, I cherish our time, an am honored to aid you toward your goals of wellness.

     At first that may look like regular weekly treatments, however then transform through a transition to twice a month, to monthly and then to as often as you need for tune ups.

     Its good to nip small issues at the bud, so that it doesn’t become a bigger tougher issue. Again, its all about finding the cause of the issue, and not simply the symptoms.

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