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A little bit of posture goes a long way...

The body is amazing and has a lot going on, so let's learn from the muscles perspective with some homemade artwork.

(Cartoon representative of the scalenes, place ment is skewed to allow for humor)

These are the scalenes, their main focus is to let us see side to side, their secondary focus is to expand the rib cage along the top of the chest. And as you can see the scalenes are getting a workout trying to keep a head, on top of things. After a while they wear or become fatigued this creates chronic tension if it is not corrected soon. The muscles are truly amazing because, after a speculated 19 minutes of time, the muscles reset to your current position. Muscles, I feel, really want to support you to be your best, but sometimes they get stuck in the wrong positions.

Looking from a chiropractic or bone point of view. My chiropractor was explaining all about this, to me one day. By the head being pushed forward for an extended amount of time, this puts 8 pounds of pressure on the spine and the shoulders. A standard skull and brains are 8 pounds, not to mention the muscles. Keeping this forward posture can lead to bad things.

Visually, let's think of this, the spine consists of a vertebral column, each vertebrae is a disk with cerebrospinal fluid between each of them, that acts as a shock absorbent pad. Leaning forward at the neck makes the anterior (Front side) vertebrae smaller, where as the posterior (Back side) vertebrae has a larger gap with the fluid. After a while it is no surprise that degenerative disk disease, bunging disks or nerve pinches occur.

Knowing what you know now, have you sat up straighter for minute?

A little posture goes a long way, whether its beneficial or a bad habit. Luckily habits are reversible up to a certain point, but, there is work that goes into creating a better habit.

What's better?

Create now, a good habit that will live with you throughout your life to carry you strong, or a bad habit that will rob joy from your life and make you miserable?

Choosing to watch your posture is so important and is a great place to start.

"But Victoria my posture has been like this for years!?"

If time is the trouble I recommend coming for a muscular reset, and then go to a chiropractor for an adjustment. That will help you get on the right track. Reset your muscles so the bones can adjust, then reset again so the adjustment will hold more comfortably.

"But Victoria I don't have that type of money!?"

I prefer to look at it like this. Now and later in my life, I want to be able to go camping, hiking and adventuring with my husband, I want to enjoy my travels to see family and I want to always be enthusiastic about my career as a LMBT. To do this I have to take care of my body with nutrition, exercise and emotional balance.

My goals mean more to me then a regular startbucks hanckering, late light reeses cup investigation, Ice cream marathon in the middle of the day or any delight that junk food may hold for me. Our bodies are made to thrive, I just need to fuel mine right.

Prioritize and I believe you will see you may have a bit more then you thought for your health budget.

Thank you for reading,

Keep on learning!

Have a great week.

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