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Strategic Therapeutics Massage

May I help you on your search for restoration in pain relief, ways to bring relaxation home, and simple habits to inspire energy and wellness in your lifestyle?

Locations: Open to the public is: Chapel Hill.
Exclusive locations: Wake Forest

Clinical Massage explained...

Reiki Treatment

I use Clinical Bodywork to access how the 360-degree body is living.

I have dedicated my life to learning that which can support my client’s superlative health. And guide my client’s in ways they learn best. I want to inspire my clients to know why they feel the different ways they do in life. To be empowered by this great knowledge…

Clinical Massage Benefits...

Clinical Bodywork is great for the 360-degree body! It supports the mandatory, regulatory, circulatory and neurological functions and processes that support balance throughout the body. It encourages the body to replenish, to restore, and to protect all that the body is and as it needs to become

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Massage and your untapped potencial

Together at the Top

I envision a world where each person knows and respects their bodies, through diet, fitness and somatic awareness. In life there are endless possibilities and opportunities, if one simply walks forward to claim it. I provide an opportunity to reset your lifestyle with simple, achievable, good habits that will enhance your life.

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To acknowledge the 360-degree body and give helpful advice and direction to my clients so that they may know their bodies for the sake of improving their health, happiness and longevity.

S.T.M's Mission

Stones of Meaning

Treatments and Modalities

Massage Supplies

I provide the exquisite experience of restoration and rejuvenation. Each treatment is customized to your needs through the application and integration of a combination of my skills. Decide your focus of restoration or rejuvenation. And then decide what amount of time suits your day. Let your mind rest, let yourself simply be, and I will take care the rest…

Wellness from within

“You are what you eat.” This saying is quite true. What is put into the body is a fundamental part to feel energized, sleep well, and to stay well. Quality matters! I recommend these products for their bioavailability, taste and life benefits. You are an investment, without your wellness, your future is bleak….

Healthy Food

Stretches and Postural support

Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Stretch for longevity. Beginning your stretching routine when you don’t need it, this means you’ll have it when you do need it. This in turn will help your posture, and good posture will decrease your chances of new aches, pains and injuries. Review some of these easy solutions.

Reviews from Clients

"Victoria was a consummate professional, and did an impressive amount of background work to ensure my session was as helpful as possible."

Aneil M.

"Victoria is an attentive and skilled clinical bodywork specialist. Her skillset and depth of knowledge are impressive."

Tori D.


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