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2 Days till Christmas!

I am so excited for Christmas this year! My husband and I will have my Momsie over for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so that we can carry on the traditions my family lead forward, as I shared with you in a previous post.

Recently, I hear from a lot of people and co-workers who have asked about the same question: "How is massage that helpful, what can it do for me?"

Massage is not just affordable at STM, Its also a great way to you, you.for

I specialize specifically to loosen the muscles so that the body can move its best: freely and with as few pains as possible. At the same time through the techniques I use, relaxation sets in, sometimes just locally or can also set in throughout the body, it depends what is being worked and how willing the client is to focus on their relaxation. Relaxation and loosening of the muscles, work hand in hand. I was reading an article today that made a very good point about relaxation and how its all incorporated to how the body works.

One 70 minute massage is like 7-8 hours of sleep for the system.

That got me to pause for a minute,

Let's say, someone isn't sleeping well, getting only an hour or two of sleep a night. When the body goes through REM sleep, the body then goes through like a deep filter to clean, clear and refresh the system based on the resources it has available. If REM is not happening - Cleaning is not happening. When Cleaning is not happening - Toxins, waste and scar tissue build up. Toxins in simple terms cause the body to be unhappy, because everything runs slower and not as efficiently. This lack of detox can cause a decrease of the immune system and begin the cycle of Toxemia - "Where there are a build up of toxins there is the start of disease" Quote from Victoria BidWell, the Year Book

Sleep is a very good longevity, health idea. But when its hard to sleep, consider how massage can increase the circulation needed to help the lymphatic system pick up those toxins and take them away. Then you will begin to feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated!.

Think of massage like a preventative activity. You are taking time to take care of you, by this you are giving your body room to work its natural medicine to support you.

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