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5 Days till Christmas!

Christmas is a great time of year. For me it is when I am reminded of my wonderful faith. And also, it is when I take time to celebrate my family and people I appreciate. Those who have passed, and those especially who are still with me. Christmas holds many traditions to many different people. This reflection is one of many that I hold dear.

Just like the tradition of waking up at an early, but reasonable time on Christmas day to enjoy present opening with my family. First making a pot of coffee with Momsie, and fixing up some breakfast. Once the coffee is finished it is present time. Jokingly – need to be awake for the present, never know what might be in sight!

I remember too from the many Christmas’ before that we always let one person open their presents at a time. This was to be respectful, and also to fully experience the emotions that, that person felt over their gift – the most wonderful sight to me. At the end of opening and being thankful for our gifts, my family always took pictures next to the tree. At this time in my life I realized just how special those moments were, by the tree, on Christmas day. A piece of the people I love are in those photographs, I am thankful to have those memories.

Tell me, in your families, what traditions do you take root in? What is your favorite part? What was your most memorable time?

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