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Cary work opportunity !!

Hi Everyone,

As of the end of September in 2018 S.T.M has had the privilege to work along side an excellent Chiropractor in Cary. Aside from the North Durham Cottage, S.T.M now also works out of the Cornerstone Chiropractic office. Our focus is on pre or post chiropractic adjustment and deep rejuvenation sessions. We have found that Dr. James' adjustments and our advanced Neural Reset Therapy work really good together, in creating space for the most optimal outcome in each treatment.

The atmosphere at the Cornerstone Chiropractic office is amazing, they treat everyone like family and friends. They are respectful and trustworthy most of all. It is such a wonderful refreshment to see how Dr. James is so knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and takes his work very seriously, just as we do with our work as an LMBT - muscle specialist. Currently, we work there on Tuesday’s 9 – 5pm and Thursdays 3 – 5 pm, by appointment only. Our prices are a bit higher as we have to travel there from Durham, but, If it is easier for you to get there for an appointment, feel free to make your next appointment online at

Our goal by being in Cary, is to reach more athletic people and those looking to have better mobility in their lives.

PS: More pictures of the space will be uploaded soon!

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