Legacy Client's Therapeutic Selections

Custom Therapeutics - All of the following modalities and specialties will be tailored to your preferences.


Neural Reset Therapy

Motor Point Stimulation Therapy

The following are per request-

Hot Stones

Cold Stones

Ice Therapy


Advanced Medical Massage

Oncology Massage

Fascial Reconduction


Scar Release Therapy


Aroma therapy

(All oils are mixed in the carrier of coconut oil, if allergic, avocado oil is used)

Pain reduction: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Lavender

Energy: Peppermint: Ginger and Black pepper

Relaxation: Rose, Bergamot, and Ylang ylang

Advanced Medical Massage

(A non-sleeping massage)

A massage intertwined with stretches to unlock range of motion potential.

Neural Reset Therapy

(A non-sleeping massage)

A set of short techniques to reset your muscles back to their resting length, by way of the client's active resistance to the therapist's hold through various movements to release and increase ease and range of motion to the targeted areas.

Advanced Neural Reset Therapy

(A non-sleeping massage)

Short Techniques enhanced by the combination of MPS to achieve quicker, deep meditation of the body. Highly beneficial.

Oncology Therapy

(A sleep friendly massage)

A massage focused for clients with or have had cancer. This technique is slow, gentle and deeply relaxing, similar to Swedish massage.

Motor Point Stimulation Therapy

(A sleep friendly massage)

A focused direct current, micro-current impulse that treats the motor points of the body.through its meridian. This strategic device by its self enhances 4 variables critical for healing: increases your body's production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), muscle contraction and nerve transmission, protein synthesis and Cellular membrane transport. And MPS therapy is able to break up underlying scar tissue.

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