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May I help you on your search for restoration of pain relief, relaxation, energy and wellness?

Clinical Massage explained...

Write a concise piece of what is Clinical Massage.

Short blurb about my way of using clinical massage to engage the 360 degree body in a safe and enjoyable way.

Have a button to take people to another page that expounds on this at the bottom.

Clinical Massage Benefits...

List by usual surgery  symptoms , benefits that massage can give.

Thus being an affordable alternative treatment and possibly a preventative measure for later in life.

For Injuries, health and metabolism.

Have a button take them to more detailed but also more sources of others recognizing benefit of it..

Massage and your untapped potencial

What massage can do for those who are willing to be their best.

We are a team, What the body is capable of, massage is constantly advancing, new information is being found.

S.T.M's Mission

My vision, Mission and Dedication statement.

Why am I passionate about this?

I love to see others succeed.

Treatments and Modalities

Services I provide

Custom treatments


Wellness from within

Nutritional supplements

Muscular support, joint and immune support.

Children support vitamins

Stretches and Postural support

Stretches for Certain activities

Posture an important step in your day

Today makes your life, how do you want to live with it?

Reviews from Clients

"Victoria was a consummate professional, and did an impressive amount of background work to ensure my session was as helpful as possible."

Aneil M.

"Victoria is an attentive and skilled clinical bodywork specialist. Her skillset and depth of knowledge are impressive."

Tori C.


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Victoria R. Hackworth NC LMBT  #13635, S.T.M. President



Chapel Hill



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C: (919) 530-0789 

Email: STM-Rose@myabmp.com

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