What am I Striving for?

          Strategic Therapeutics Massage is not just a massage business that provides professional massage services. Or a business that pulls people in to "sell" products to them, that they may not need. S.T.M. is not a practice consumed by making the most money off of each person. S.T.M.'s does not hire therapist robots, to  deliver the same treatment every time. S.T.M. is not stingy with giving focus or time to clients. S.T.M. does not use anything aquired for personal gain.

          Strategic Therapeutics Massage holds its-self to high standards to provide you with only the best quality oils, treatments and care. S.T.M. always delivers 100% focus, attention and intention to provide you with the time, relaxation, stress relief, and pain management that you needed to feel fresh for your tomorrow, your next day or that you needed for yourself today.

I envision a world where people are stirred by their compassion, therefore opening their hearts to forgive and respect one another.


My mission is to be the best strategically integrated clinical body worker in the world. I strive to meet the concerns of the people I have the privilege to serve.

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Victoria R. Hackworth NC LMBT  #13635, S.T.M. President



Chapel Hill



Contact Information:

C: (919) 530-0789 

Email: STM-Rose@myabmp.com

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