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Massage that is specialized to support healthy muscle maintenance, flexibility and mobility.
Assisting your journey to be the best that you want to achieve.

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Chapel Hill, NC Day Spa

Durham, NC Cottage

Update! New things are starting

In 2019 STM has many new locations. Some of our clients have asked about our hours at either of our locations and for that we have created an easy glance guide. Our calendar looks like this.



10PM - 6PM

Durham Cottage

Chapel Hill

10AM - 6 PM

Day Spa



10AM - 6 PM

Durham Cottage


Chapel Hill

10AM - 6 PM

Day Spa


Durham Cottage 9-11 AM


Day Spa 1 - 6 PM

The suprahyoids .... Keep it down.

February 15, 2019

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Great Products to compliment your lifestyle goals


Muscle Support

Bone Support


Weight Management

A 15 minute recharge helped with my fatigue. I was much more attentive.

I was amazed how much more effort I gave my work after my back pain was lessened.

Would you enjoy massage at your work?

My tension from my repetitive typing was much improved!

  • 15 minute Chair Massage

  • In office  

  • Specialized techniques to improve focus, energy and movement integrity.        

These are a few comments employees have shared with us after their in office chair massage session.

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Victoria R. Hackworth NC LMBT  #13635, S.T.M. President

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