What to expect at your session

At the Cary Studio

1003 High House Road, Suite #106

Cary, NC 27513


Upon your arrival, you will see a First National Bank and a Breeze Thru convenience store. Parking is directly across from the Cornerstone Chiropractic front door.

Key points

  • Park across from the Cornerstone Chiropractic front door


Key points

  • Meet Sara, and Rose

  • Discuss your therapy goals

  • Long treatment available

  • Pre-Post Adjustment 10min treatment available

Sara, at the front desk will give you one short form to sign and fill out. Rose provides long treatments and short Pre and/or Post adjustment treatment as well. When your paperwork is filled, Rose will take you to the therapy room. This is where your customized therapy will be created. Rose will explain how to prepare for your massage.

This preview is about the long treatment.

The short treatment includes: NRT, and MPS to support your best outcome with your adjustments.


After deciding our plan, Rose will step out so that you can prepare for your session, as per your treatment plan. The bathroom can be accessed at any time, preferably before or after the session. Rose will ask you from time to time about pressure, table heat, etc., to ensure your overall comfort.

In your session feel free to talk, have questions and/or rest in the silence. Let Rose know what form of relaxation fits you best.

Key points

  • Ready for your massage session

  • Be open to being yourself, and being comfortable

Key points

  • Redress, and open the door

  • Talk about how you feel

  • Payment for therapy


Rose will indicate when the session is concluded and step out for you to redress. Once clothed you will open the door, and Rose will reenter to ask you about your experience and review any therapist findings during the session. Your payment is due by cash or credit card at the front desk. Online payments prior to your session are also available. Tips are not required, but they are always appreciated. Rose will walk you back to the front door.

Familiarize yourself with our Policy. Click here

To schedule your first appointment get in contact with us through our First Time contact sheet, below. Or call:

(919) 530-0789

Available between 1 pm - 7 pm, Weekdays and Weekends, except for Sunday.

Please leave us a message if we are unavailable and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

After your first visit you can create your online account. You'll be able to schedule online and prepay for treatments.

Available Treatments and Specialties

I provide specialized pain reduction, relaxation, stress relief and flexibility through customized treatments. There are two specialties that you can pick from, then select an amount of time. As follows:

Targeted Rejuvenation is one price and can include any of the following techniques:  Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Reflexology, Fascial Reconnection, Oncology and Medical massage.

Targeted Rejuvenation focuses on Relaxation, Re-connecting the internal matrix and creating space for Stress Reduction. This session is available for: 60 minutes which is $70 or 70 minutes of treatment which is $80.


Specialized Sports is one price and can include the following techniques: Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Reflexology, Oncology, Medical massage, Fascial Reconnection Neural Reset Therapy, Scar Release Therapy and Motor Point Stimulation. Hot stone therapy can be requested.

Specialized Sports focuses on Pain Reduction: re-conducting the fibers, resetting the muscles back to their resting length, reducing chronic discomforts, possibly getting rid of them. This session is available for: 70 minutes which is $100 or 90 minutes which is $120, of treatment.

Aroma Therapy:

(All oils are mixed in the carrier of coconut oil, if allergic, avocado oil is used)

  • Pain reduction: Lavender

  • Energy: Peppermint

  • Relaxation: Ylang ylang

Contact Us

Key points

  • In your message mention any surgeries, medical conditions or allergies you may have (past 10 year).

  • Include your goals and questions toward your session.

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